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“A Report from Japan: Part 1” via the Berkeley Blog

The situation of the Fukushima Daiichi (No.1) Nuclear Plant has been getting worse each day since Saturday. My research deals with environmental anthropology and archaeology. I was born in Japan and was raised by parents who were and remain active in the environmental and peace movements. My parents’ activism and my interest in environmental issues have meant that I have been aware of the problem of building nuclear plants in Japan for many years.

I was at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Hayama near Tokyo when the earthquake hit. Since Saturday, I have been closely monitoring information about Fukushima Daiichi (No.1) and Daini (No.2) using websites and other sources. I have also been exchanging information and opinions with other scholars in Japan, including a couple of nuclear physicists. In addition, as an anthropologist, I have noted people’s reactions to the situation. Below are some of my observations.

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