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『米国が原発推進をあらためて強調、福島原発事故は「教訓に」』 via ロイター通信

 [ワシントン 14日 ロイター] 日本の福島第1原子力発電所で相次いで事故が発生するなか、米政府は14日、国内の原子力発電を引き続き推進していく意向をあらためて示した。





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  1. Norma Field says

    Dept. of Energy Secretary Poneman tells Reuters that the US stands firm on the importance of nuclear power as a source of clean energy, that the difficulties in Japan can be a useful lesson. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to say the situation calls for serious study along with investment in alternative energy sources?
    In Illinois, which has more nuclear plants than any other state, residents who are dependent for jobs and services on the presence of the plant seem (understandably) reluctant to pose safety questions.

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