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Fukushima today: “I’m glad that I realized my mistake before I died.” via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Thomas A. Bass | March 10, 2021 […] But is it safe to promote Japan’s so-called “recovery” by sending athletes into a nuclear exclusion zone? The area has been tidied up and dotted with LED monitors showing the latest cesium releases … Continue reading

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10 years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster via Japanese against nuclear UK

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福島事故から10年 結果ありきの調査と報告・多くのごまかし Digging behind the headlines about the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster via Sayonara Nukes Berlin

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A Fukushima lesson: Victim compensation schemes need updating via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

By Hirokazu Miyazaki  […] Today, nuclear energy is used to produce about 10 percent of electricity worldwide. However, the desire to limit the environmental impact of carbon-based energy sources is putting nuclear power generation in the spotlight. For example, the International … Continue reading

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The long-term problem of “peaceful” plutonium via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Robert Alvarez […] Seaborg and the AEC projected the growth of nuclear-powered electricity would be so great that global supplies of uranium would be exhausted, paving the way for the recovery of plutonium from spent power reactor fuel for the … Continue reading

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