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Leçons de Fukushima Entretien Bruno Chareyron 日本語字幕付via Nos Voisins Lointains 3.11

Vidéo éditée et sous-titré en japonais de l’interview de Bruno Chareyron de la CRIIRAD Arriver dans des zones aussi contaminées et voir qu’on y laisse vivre les enfants 東電福島第一原発事故由来の放射能による環境汚染、被ばくの測定について、フランスの市民団体2つが深く関わっています。ノルマンディーに本拠があるアクロ(ACRO)と南仏に位置するクリラッド(CRIIRAD)です。 Deux associations françaises sont profondément impliquées dans les mesures de la contamination … Continue reading

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Japan Hasn’t Recovered 10 Years After Fukushima Meltdown via Fairewinds (Truthout)

By Arnie Gundersen […] Recently, corresponding author Marco Kaltofen* (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), co-author Maggie Gundersen** (Fairewinds Energy Education) and I published our second peer-reviewed journal article analyzing hundreds of radioactive samples from northern Japan that we collected with assistance from Japanese citizens … Continue reading

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Fukushima 10 years later: It still could happen here via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Edwin Lyman | March 11, 2021 On March 11, 2011, 10 years ago this week, a massive earthquake and tsunami flooding triggered a power blackout at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, causing three reactors to melt down and release … Continue reading

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Remember Fukushima: The accident is not over via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Tatsujiro Suzuki | March 11, 2021 On February 13, 2021, an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck again from the offshore of Fukushima prefecture. It reminded many people in Japan of the Tohoku Great Earthquake, which happened on March 11, 2011, and … Continue reading

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Fukushima today: “I’m glad that I realized my mistake before I died.” via Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Thomas A. Bass | March 10, 2021 […] But is it safe to promote Japan’s so-called “recovery” by sending athletes into a nuclear exclusion zone? The area has been tidied up and dotted with LED monitors showing the latest cesium releases … Continue reading

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10 years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster via Japanese against nuclear UK

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