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A Fukushima, le drame du retour via Rédacteur

Sous la contrainte, 23% de la population réfugiée après la catastrophe du 11 mars 2011 est rentrée dans les communes de l’ancienne zone d’évacuation… Une tribune de Cécile Asanuma-Brice, chercheuse en sociologie urbaine, adjointe au directeur du bureau CNRS Asie … Continue reading

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Secret Plutonium Shipment via Fairewinds Energy Education

By Sue Prent Lately, Americans are experiencing an unprecedented volume of top-down lies emanating from the White House and its circle of acolytes like Energy Secretary Rick Perry. This steady drip of obvious misinformation often renders us somewhat deaf to … Continue reading

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Department of Labor adds dozens of steps that may delay healthcare for Cold War nuclear workers via KNOX News

Brittany Crocker Sick and injured Cold War nuclear workers are likely to see delays in their health care claims because the Department of Labor has added dozens of steps to the process, according to a home care provider that helps … Continue reading

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Los Alamos National Laboratory site resumes shipping nuclear waste via Santa Fe New Mexican

Safety problems for the past five years prevented Los Alamos National Laboratory from using an important building built to temporarily store and load drums of radioactive waste. But officials on Friday said the structure, known as the Radioassay and Nondestructive … Continue reading

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伊方原発廃棄物や避難に不安の声 愛媛県などの周辺自治体 via 福井新聞

原子力規制委員会は13日、四国電力伊方原発のある愛媛県で、原発周辺自治体の首長らとの意見交換会を開いた。首長からは、廃炉で発生する低レベル放射性廃棄物の処分場がないことや、事故時の避難対応などで疑問や不安の声が出た。 (略) 愛媛県の中村時広知事は、放射性廃棄物について「最終処分が見えず、不安が払拭できない」と指摘。処分場の確保に向けた国の対応を求めた。 更田豊志委員長は「電力会社による、処分場所を見つける努力が何より(重要なこと)だ」などと応じた。 全文は伊方原発廃棄物や避難に不安の声 愛媛県などの周辺自治体

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Japan ‘Nuclear Energy Village’ website pulled after critics say it plumbed ‘new level of insensitive’ via The Japan Times

A website created by the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum to educate the next generation on nuclear energy was taken down Friday after drawing criticism on social media, with some Twitter users calling the effort “inappropriate” given that the Fukushima No. … Continue reading

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