Stop Olympics In Fukushima, Stop Restarting Japan NUKES & Releasing Radiation via San Francisco Indie Bay

Thursday April 11
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Event Type
No Nukes Action
Location Details
San Francisco Japanese Consulate 
275 Battery St. near California 
San Francisco
4/11 Speak Out Now! Stop Olympics In Fukushima, Stop Restarting The Japanese NUKES & Releasing Radioactive Water-Stop Repressing Anti-War/Anti-Nuclear Activists 

Thursday, April 11, 2019, 3:00 PM 
Japanese Consulate In San Francisco 
275 Battery St near California St.  
San Francisco  

The Japanese Abe government continues to propagandize that Fukushima has now been “decontaminated” and that the refugees should return under threat of losing their housing subsidies. In a major propaganda ploy, they have also connived to get the Olympics to have the Olympic baseball games at Fukushima arguing that it is now “safe” and can be re-developed. 


The Abe government is repressing anti-nuclear activists including Fukushima refugees and even arrested one woman at Hiroshima in August that was alerting the public about the danger of radiation in Japan. She was held without charges for ten days and is with the group GoWest. 

Increasingly repressive laws have been passed by the racist and reactionary Abe government including the Secrecy Act and Conspiracy Act that is aimed at silencing journalists and whistleblowers.  

The government also continues to imprison anti-war activist Fumiaki Hoshino who has been imprisoned for more than 43 years for protesting against the US-Japan military treaty which was illegally used by the US to bring nuclear weapons into Okinawa and other US military bases in Japan. His condition is very difficult with extreme heat and cold temperatures in the prison that threaten his health as well as the health of other prisoners. 

Come speak out to defend the people of Fukushima, Japan, and the world. 

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Would You Play Ball at Fukushima? 

Children played baseball at Matsukawaundo Koen Ya Baseball Field in Fukushima in November. Some parts of the prefecture — mainly in the capital city of Fukushima — are trying to change the perception around their name through sports. 

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