Call Box: Former nuclear weapons storage unit again draws interest via

By Sandy Strickland


Dear R.S. and G.T: The top-secret Yellow Water Weapons Storage Area was the subject of a previous Call Box history column. It generated so much reader comment that another column was done on the subject.

Since then, readers have wanted to know if they can go on the site with these being the most recent requests. The weapons have been gone since the early 1990s. After Cecil Field was decommissioned in 1999, it was turned over to the city for redevelopment and later converted into Cecil Commerce Center. A regional recreation park, containing the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, the Jacksonville Aquatic Center, a community center, softball complex and other amenities were created on the Yellow Water or northern part of the base.

The roads entering Cecil and Yellow Water were reconfigured some time ago, and the original entrance razed. So it might be difficult for those unfamiliar with the area to figure out where it once was.

That said, park users are allowed to walk and ride bikes or horses, said Marjorie Dennis, spokeswoman for the city.


During the Cold War era, there were formerly 89 ammunition bunkers, ranging from small buildings for high explosives to earth-covered bunkers with reinforced concrete doors for the nuclear weapons.

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