No recall can protect us from nuclear radiation via Cape Cod Times

Elaine Dickerson makes the most compelling point of all about what is required to deal with the horrendous danger of radioactive waste from nuclear power generation: Stop making more of it (“Yucca Mountain is not a nuclear waste solution,” Letters, June 11).

Cars that have life-threatening faults get recalled, as do contaminated food products and medicines that pose dangers to the public. Recently, romaine lettuce was taken off the market accompanied by much public warning.

Yet despite everything we know about the dangers of radiation (from Hiroshima to Fukushima), our government continues to sanction the unremitting production of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel, for which there is no safe disposal and from which living beings will have to be shielded for many generations to come.

Sanity about the future demands that, since we cannot recall this hazardous product, we at least stop producing more and more of it. […]





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