New resource center helps sick Hanford workers via

By Susannah Frame

The federal government cut the ribbon on a center that helps sick Hanford workers Thursday, marking a huge shift after 30 years of roadblocks to get medical help and compensation.

The new Hanford Workforce Engagement Center in Richland has been open for 30 days, and so far they’ve served nearly 600 Hanford workers. The center is not where workers go for treatment, but to get through the red tape associated with getting their worker’s compensation claims approved.


That top manager was removed from the position, and that too was key to enacting change for the better, according to government sources.

On Thursday, during the festivities to dedicate the new center, a change for the better took place in the parking lot. A worker whose claims had been denied, found out that with the center’s advocacy, the claims were finally accepted. That opens the door for medical attention, appointments with specialists, and potential compensation.





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