Nuclear disaster: Shocking photos reveal full horror of Fukushima plant via Express

JAW-dropping footage from the heart of the Fukushima nuclear disaster zone reveals the devastation inside its destroyed reactor. The scenes were captured by a camera attached to a 16-metre rod and inserted into reactor 2 at the doomed Japanese power plant.

The images show melted nuclear fuel attached to the pillars, walls and ceiling, as well as puddles of coolant, and debris piled up 40 to 70cm thick on the ground.

Analysis of the images by the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning said the spread of debris was suggestive of several holes in the reactor floor.

Due to the deadly dose of radiation inside Fukushima, humans have to rely on robots to explore it – and even these have been left malfunctioning and broken.

In one reactor, the radiation reading last year was a staggering 530 sieverts per hour, enough to kill with even a brief exposure.


“If you’d been exposed to 10 sieverts, your central nervous would collapse and you would fall over.

“If you’d been exposed to one sievert quickly, you’d have acute radiation syndrome that you couldn’t hide.

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