Potassium iodide pills to be distributed to Amherstburg residents in Fermi nuclear plant’s ‘primary zone’ via CBC

If you live directly across Lake Erie from the Fermi nuclear power plant, you will be offered a pill that blocks radiation.

On Thursday, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit released details of the plan to educate residents of Amherstburg about potassium iodide pill distribution for those living in the ‘primary zone’ of the Enrico Fermi 2 Nuclear Generating Station in Michigan.

The health unit, in partnership with the Town of Amherstburg, will be giving out the pills to those who live about 16.1 km from the plant. 

 “Being ready is understanding the potential risk in your community,” Fire Chief Bruce Montone said, adding that whatever the emergency, people need to be prepared. 

The health unit said the pills block the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine which may be released during a nuclear incident. Potassium iodide pills would help to prevent the long term development of thyroid cancer, if a nuclear incident occurs. 




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