Danger in the food chain via Euro/topics

Neither Chernobyl nor Fukushima have been overcome, Maria Arvaniti-Sotiropoulou, president of the Greek section of NGO International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, warns in Avgi:

“Chernobyl is not over. Its repercussions are still claiming lives and will persist for at least another 60 years – because the caesium, which is currently present in large amounts in foodstuffs, is still being emitted, and this will intensify because of Fukushima. Fukushima is also often erroneously seen as a tragedy of the past. But the release of radioactive substances from the three damaged reactors still continues today – both into the atmosphere and in the form of the 300 tonnes of radioactive water that flow every day into the Pacific Ocean. This water contaminates the marine food chain, and therefore also fish that are often consumed by humans.”





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