WSU, national laboratory to join forces on nuclear research via The Spokesman-Review

Students at Washington State University will take part in research on nuclear science and technology, power grids and utilizing bioproduct waste in a partnership between WSU and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory announced Tuesday.


WSU and PNNL will work on technologies for nuclear cleanup and tracking, creating a better power grid and repurposing bioproducts from industries such as agriculture and forestry.

Research in nuclear forensics has international applications, said Aurora Clark, co-director for WSU’s Nuclear Sciences and Technology Institute.

Government needs to be able to track where illicit nuclear material came from in order to respond with appropriate policy.

“Since the end of the Cold War, there’s been a real issue associated with tracking nuclear materials as they move across country lines,” she said. “Nuclear forensics plays an incredibly important role in being able to track (where it came from).”

Other areas of nuclear research will include waste management and developing new nuclear energy technologies, she said.



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