Vehicles to run on nuclear, radioactive fuels – NNRA via Vanguard

THE Nigerian Nuclear Radiation Agency, has predicted that in the near future, companies would start producing cars that run on fuels from nuclear and other radioactive materials.


Dim, who was represented by Mr. Timothy Akpa, General Manager, Department of Nuclear safety, Physical Security and Safeguards, further stated that industrialization is also fuelling the use of nuclear fuels and radioactive materials. He said, “We are now starting to see how we can use radiation in producing electricity. In many countries, radioactive materials are being used for heating purposes. As I once said, it may likely be that in the future, as safety consciousness grows all over the world, we would soon begin to have vehicles running on fuel of radioactive materials.


”All aspect of medical services – diagnosis, interventional radiology, radiotherapy and even nuclear medicine, all require radiation; and anywhere there is radiation, there is also the possibility that we would also have to be sure that the use conforms to the internationally recognized dose limits.” He explained that the technical meeting is a requirement by the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, that every country must have a system of dosimetry that they would use as a benchmark to know how much radiation that the people are getting, and that people are not over-exposed in the course of their work in the industry using ionizing radiation. Radiation dosimetry refers to the measurement, calculation and assessment of the ionizing radiation dose absorbed by the human body.

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