Pilgrim nuclear plant powered down because of leak via Cape Cod Times

PLYMOUTH – A seawater leak into the condenser system at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station forced control room operators to power down the reactor Monday, which was at 28 percent this morning.

The power reduction allowed plant workers to isolate the leak so repairs can be made, according to Patrick O’Brien, a spokesman for Entergy Corp., Pilgrim’s owner-operator. O’Brien said there is no threat to worker or public safety, and no radiological release occurred.


The biggest concern related to seawater leaks in the condenser system is the potential for severe damage to the nuclear vessel since the water is highly corrosive.


Pilgrim watchdog Mary Lampert wasn’t surprised to hear of problems at Pilgrim.

“Only weeks after the NRC special inspectors left Pilgrim, here we go again with more problems – salt water leaks into the condenser,” she said.

Lampert, who keeps close track of Pilgrim’s operation called the seawater leaks a recurring problem: similar incidents had occurred in 2013, 2015, and 2016, she said.

“The question is, did the amount of saltwater that leaked into the plant damage lots of equipment?,” Lampert said. “And is this one more example of poor maintenance? Let’s face it. Pilgrim, like many old people, leaks; and neither Depends nor Bounty towels can fix its problem.”



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