Castro’s Cuba Is Getting Nuclear Reactors From Putin’s Russia via The Daily Caller

A Russian government-controlled company signed an agreement to sell nuclear technology to Cuba this week.

Cuba plans to purchase nuclear medical technology, radiation research, training for nuclear specialists, and staff to help manage radioactive waste. Ultimately, the country may purchase nuclear reactors and storage space for nuclear waste from Russia.

This is not the first time Cuba has attempted to build a nuclear reactor. With the help and financial assistance of the former Soviet Union, Cuba tried the to build two 440-megawatt nuclear power reactors near the city of Cienfuegos. Construction of the reactors began in 1983, but the collapse of the Soviet Union disrupted construction.

Russia and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement last year to work together on “peaceful” nuclear energy projects despite terrorism concerns. Saudi Arabia has a long history of terrorist attacks within its borders, and the country itself has been accused of directly funding Islamic terrorism. The planned reactors would be incredibly vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

The stated purpose of the Saudi reactors is to power desalination plants, generate electricity, and reduce domestic oil consumption so the country can sell oil abroad. The reactors would not produce the weapons-grade plutonium necessary to make a nuclear weapon, but materials from them could be used to create dirty bombs. The reactors will be built by the Russian government-controlled Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Cooperation.

Russia has also supported the development of nuclear power in other countries with terrorist threats, such as Algeria, Iran and Egypt.

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