Clean Energy Likely to Become More Popular in the Future via Realty Biz

A new survey has found US homeowners view green energy as being a popular resource for the future, regardless of age or political views.

The survey was carried out by a solar installer and a marketing research firm and polled 1,400 homeowners about renewable energy and related topics. Half of those who took part in the survey thought solar energy was the most important energy source for the future of the US, regardless of where they lived. Wind energy was second with 42% of all homeowners. This was followed by natural gas at 33%, energy efficiency at 25%, oil and hydro both at 17% and nuclear power at 14%. The least popular energy sources were biofuel at 7%, coal at 8% and geothermal at 10%.

Although solar energy was the most popular, nuclear power and natural gas gained more support amongst older respondents. While 43% of those aged over 70 favored natural gas just 27% of those aged between 18 and 24 agreed with this view. Just 1% of those aged between 18 and 24 were in favor of nuclear power compared to 24% of those aged over 70.

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