NPCIL dismisses reports of blast at Kudankulam plant via economic times

CHENNAI: Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) today dismissed reports about blast or steam pipe leak at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, saying there was only “an incident of hot water spillage” in which six persons were injured.

“There was no accident like steam pipe break or blast happened at KKNPP today as has been reported by some sections of the Press and Media,” an NPCIL statement said.

“While carrying out maintenance work on a valve in Turbine Building ..

Reactor No.1 attained criticality again today morning and continued to operate at low reactor power level. Steam supply to turbine and subsequent synchronisation to the grid was planned for tomorrow, he added.

Abut 60 public representatives from nearby village visited the KKNPP site today as part of public awareness programme, he added.

However, an anti-nuclear group opposed to the project claimed today’s incident vindicated its stand that sub-standard equipment were being used ..

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