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Oak Ridge 3 Trial Underway via Reader Supported News (Oak Ridge Today)

The federal official who oversees production work at two nuclear weapons plants and the guard who was fired after the unprecedented security breach at the Y-12 National Security Complex in July could both testify this week during the trial of … Continue reading

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Radioactive water was released into Lake Michigan before Palisades nuclear plant shutdown Sunday Print via MLive

Before Sunday’s shutdown of Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, about 79 gallons of diluted radioactive water were released into Lake Michigan, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said Monday, May 6. But by the time the water reached the lake, the level of … Continue reading

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No Nukes: Anti-Nuclear Activists Condemn Turkey’s Plans To Build Second Atomic Plant via International Business Times

Greenpeace International, the prominent environmental organization, and other activists have condemned a $22-billion deal between Turkey, France and Japan to construct the second Turkish nuclear reactor. The Anatolia News Agency reported over the weekend that Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip … Continue reading

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Armless artist Karipbek Kuyukov ‘denied entry’ to UK via BBC News

A Kazakh artist who was born without arms says he could not get permission to enter the UK last month because he could not give fingerprints. Karipbek Kuyukov planned to attend an anti-nuclear conference in Edinburgh. But he got a … Continue reading

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Kudankulam: India court allows operations at nuclear plant via BBC News

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the controversial Kudankulam nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu state can start operations. The judges said the plant was “safe and secure” and “necessary for the welfare and economic growth of India”. Last year, villagers … Continue reading

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双葉町の警戒区域を再編=大半は帰宅困難区域に-政府via 時事ドットコム

政府の原子力災害対策本部は7日、東京電力福島第1原発事故で全域が立ち入り禁止の警戒区域に設定された福島県双葉町について、町の大半を今後4年間は帰れない帰還困難区域(年間被ばく量50ミリシーベルト超)に、残りを避難指示解除準備区域(同20ミリシーベルト以下)に再編することを決めた。28日午前0時に施行される。 災害対策基本法などに基づく避難区域の再編は第1原発周辺の11市町村で10番目。避難区域のうち、原発20キロ圏に設定された警戒区域はこれですべて解除された。 原災本部によると、双葉町の人口約6520人のうち、避難指示解除準備区域に再編されるのは町東北部の一部だけで、住民は約250人。昼間の立ち入りは原則自由になるが、宿泊はできない。 […] 前文はこちら。

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