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Learning material about the nuclear disaster and TPNW

Supplementary material (English PDF) ビキニ教材資料 (Japanese PDF)

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75 Years After Trinity: The Human Cost of Nuclear Tests via The Diplomat

Seventy-five years ago today, the United States conducted the Trinity test, the world’s first nuclear detonation. In the ensuing years, the U.S. ultimately conducted more than 1,000 nuclear tests, half of all known tests conducted by the world’s nine nuclear nations since 1945. Now, … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan’s quixotic quest to ban the Bomb via Daily Maverick

Kazakhstan has emerged as the unlikely leader of the global campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons. With a tragic nuclear history, and a president eager to make a name for himself on the international stage, this makes more sense than you … Continue reading

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Life on a Nuclear Test Site: Twenty Months in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan via Hamilton

For many Americans, radiation exposure is often linked to cancer treatment or atomic fallout. For villagers living in and around Semipalatinsk, however, exposure to radioactivity is a part of everyday life. Semipalatinsk, nicknamed “the Polygon”due to its cartographic shape, is … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan eyes construction of new nuclear plants via ConstructionWeekOnline

Kazakh energy minister Vladimir Shkolnik has said that the country is looking to build two new nuclear power plants to meet demand placed on its current network infrastructure. The country’s only nuclear plant was shut down in 1999 and it … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan may buy reactor for its nuclear power plant from Japan via The Times of Central Asia

ASTANA (TCA) — Japan’s Toshiba Corp. may deliver a reactor for the first-ever nuclear power plant to be constructed in Kazakhstan, Japanese media reported. […] Kazakhstan originally planned to use nuclear reactors produced in Russia, with which it has maintained … Continue reading

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Armless artist Karipbek Kuyukov ‘denied entry’ to UK via BBC News

A Kazakh artist who was born without arms says he could not get permission to enter the UK last month because he could not give fingerprints. Karipbek Kuyukov planned to attend an anti-nuclear conference in Edinburgh. But he got a … Continue reading

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Famous Kazakh singer hums antinuclear tune via The Japan Times

HIROSHIMA — One of Kazakhstan’s leading singers hopes the power of music will help Japan’s antinuclear movement spread, just as her signature song became the symbol of a movement that forced the shutdown of a former Soviet nuclear test site … Continue reading

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Top 10 Nuclear Test Sites via Listverse

For obvious reasons, most of the world’s sites for the testing of nuclear weapons are located in remote and little-known places, away from population areas and prying eyes. Although the sites may make the news whenever a weapon is tested, … Continue reading

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