Nuclear power referendum Bulgaria via European Green Party

Show the Bulgarians your support in their anti-nuclear campaign.

Anti-nuclear activists in Bulgaria are campaigning hard in an upcoming referendum on nuclear power. Bulgarians go the polls on January 27 to answer the question, “Should Bulgaria develop nuclear energy through the construction of a new nuclear power plant?” As this is Bulgaria’s first ever referendum, there is strong interest. Rebecca Harms, Greens-EFA co-president has visited to show her support, while other MEPs have made a video calling for a no vote. If the referendum is passed, the Bulgarian government intends to build a new nuclear power plant in Belene, near the Romanian border.

Polls suggest a majority of Bulgarians are in favor of nuclear power. According to Georg Tuparev and Borislav Sandov, co-chairs of Zelenite, people have not been given enough information to make an informed decision. “Many years of pro-nuclear brainwashing are dominant factor,” explained Tuparev.

Marina Dragomiretzkaya, leader of Green party Zelena Partiya, says that they want the government to look into possibilities for sustainable energy sources. “There is no clarity on the financial aspects of the building of the nuclear power plant. But why not spend money on proven green strategies: energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling and the green economy.”

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