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Infographic: Nuclear Power vs. Energy Efficient Homes via The Energy Collective

Our friends at Energy Savvy continue to be great visual communicators of the benefits of energy efficiency. Yesterday we stumbled across this great infographic that provides a powerful visual demonstration of the economics, as well as the job-creating potential, of residential energy efficiency vs. building nuclear power plants.

In short: For less than half the cost of replacing just 1 nuclear power plant, we could retrofit 1.6 million homes for energy efficiency and reduce the need for the same amount of energy the plant would produce. Doing so would also create 90 times more jobs than replacing the power plant.

In addition to the job-creating benefits of a residential energy efficiency project of this scale, it would improve indoor comfort and reduce utility bills for 1.6 million families. You can imagine the economic benefits of that.

See the infographic at Infographic: Nuclear Power vs. Energy Efficient Homes

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  1. Kurt Grosse says

    Thanks for the information! We all need to be part of the solution and I appreciate you spreading the word. While I was looking for additional information for my new blog –, I had to stop to read your blog. We all contribute to awareness so keep up the work you do!

    Kurt Grosse

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