No comeback for nuclear power, say experts via DW

Despite plans for new atomic power plants in countries like the US, Poland, China and India, the nuclear heyday looks to be over. Energy policy experts say the number of such plants is set to shrink worldwide.

In 1974, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) predicted that global nuclear energy production would reach 4,500 gigawatts in the year 2000. But by 2010, the actual figure stood at 375 gigawatts.

There’s continued interest in nuclear energy in some countries, especially in emerging Asian economies, but far less of the optimism that once surrounded the technology.

“The phase-out process is happening,” according to Rebecca Harms, member of the European Parliament and the German Green party. Despite the new nuclear plants slated to be built in the coming years, she believes that “by 2030 or 2035 the number of nuclear plants will have fallen.” Nuclear power’s golden era is already long over, she said.

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