Nuclear plant’s neighbors want radiation monitors via The Orange County Register News

A week after a reported ‘tiny’ leak at the San Onofre nuclear plant, several people ask the San Clemente City Council to set up independent monitoring of radiation levels around town. They also request a study to determine cancer risks.

Residents worried about leaks from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station asked San Clemente’s elected leaders Tuesday night to get sensors installed around town to monitor radiation levels.

“We believe with recent events at the ‘San Onofre Waste-Generating Station’ that it is necessary for the citizens’ safety and well-being to have a monitoring system,” San Clemente resident Gene Stone told the City Council.

He and others appeared before the council a week after the nuclear plant reported a Jan. 31 radiation leak that Southern California Edison said was tiny but prompted the utility company to shut down one of the reactors.

Stone said an independent monitoring system would provide radiation readings so residents could tell how safe the atmosphere is at any given time. He also called for a study to identify cancer and leukemia risks in San Clemente, which is just over two miles up the coast from the nuclear plant’s two reactors.
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