Fukushima a ‘temporary blip’ for UK support via World Nuclear News

Support for nuclear energy in the UK has returned to levels seen a few months prior to the Fukushima accident in Japan, a new public opinion poll indicates. A similar poll conducted in June 2011 had shown a significant drop in support following the accident.
A face-to-face poll of 993 British adults conducted by Ipsos MORI between 2 and 8 December 2011 showed that 40% of respondents had a favourable opinion of the nuclear energy industry, exactly the same share as in a survey conducted in November 2010. However, a poll in June 2011 – three months after the Fukushima accident – showed that support had fallen to just 28%, its lowest level since the early 1990s. Those respondents saying they had an unfavourable opinion of the industry jumped from 17% in November 2010 to 24% in June 2011, but has since fallen back down to 19%.


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Public support for nuclear new build in the UK has rebounded following the Fukushima accident. Click to enlarge (Image: Ipsos MORI)
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