Germany: High of 3,000 MW in December alone via PV Magazine

The annexing of PV systems in 2011 has been concluded to have been even higher than in record year 2010, says the German Federal Network Agency. In 2011, approximately 7,500 MW of PV installations were installed.

The Federal Network Agency estimates these figures based on a preliminary analysis of reported data. Thus, the 2010 record year’s 7,400 MW is expected to be slightly, but nevertheless, exceeded. Matthias Kurth, president of the Federal Network Agency says, “In December alone, our new PV plants were reported to have a total of 3,000 MW capacity – a new record.”

However these are still preliminary numbers and the many reports in December means that the agency will take some time for the months of October through December to be evaluated in detail. On the basis of the reports, the agency has been regularly determining the degressions and payment rates for newly operational PV systems, in accordance with the specifications of the German Renewable Energies Act or EEG.

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