Philippines’ nuclear white elephant becomes anti-nuclear tourist attraction via

Completed in 1985, the Philippines’ Bataan nuclear power plant has never been used – and now activists hope to turn it into an eco tourism destination

    Environmental groups hope that a mothballed nuclear power plant on Bataan peninsula will become a major tourist attraction and earn green dollars for the country.
    An exploratory eco-tour for journalists, nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts has already been launched at the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), 100 km west of the national capital, with support from Greenpeace and local non-government organisations (NGOs).
    The plant, which was completed but never fuelled, is considered the Philippines‘s biggest white elephant.
    “Greenpeace supports the decision to finally turn the BNPP into something more practical: a monument to remind people of the inherent dangers of nuclear power,” said Francis de la Cruz, campaigner for Greenpeace in Southeast Asia.


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