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Interview with Chris Busby
– Unusual amounts of plutonium have been found on the west coast of the United States and elsewhere. Radioactive materials have also been found in milk and water in the US. What is your view of these facts?
Plutonium has also been found in the UK in air filters.12 This means that particles are now being globally dispersed. There will follow increased rates of ill health, including cancer and birth defects, which will be proportional to the overall air concentration. High in Japan, low in USA, and very low in Europe. I do not think plutonium is much more dangerous than the other alpha emitters, particularly Uranium, on a dose for dose basis. I think the danger is in Uranium, Tritium, Strontium-90, Carbon-14, Tellurium-132. I have found Te-132 in car filters from Japan.

– If plutonium dispersed so widely, it only makes us wonder and fear how it’s been dispersed in the immediate proximity of Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima as a whole, and beyond… Tokyo and all Japan. What is your view of the seriousness of this issue?
I have car air filters from Fukushima and Tokyo. We have found high levels of radioactive particles in these. In my March/April paper13 I predicted more than 200,000 additional cancers in the next 10 years within a 200 KM radius of Fukushima.14 I have seen nothing to change my mind. In fact it is worse than I thought then and said on TV. I have been hoping all along that I was wrong, and even now there may be some good development that I had not expected or foreseen, but the situation is bad and I am very sorry. I have been helping some lawyers who are making a legal case to have the children evacuated.15 The problem is that dose rate, MicroSieverts per Hour, cannot be used to reassure on the basis of comparisons with annual natural background. The exposures are internal and the risk model of the ICRP, which is based (ironically) on the external exposures at Hiroshima, cannot be used. This is the key issue. There is a more accurate model, the ECRR, one which has now been translated into Japanese and is available on the internet. (Link)

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