“A Request for Help from Mayors for Peace” by Steven Leeper Chairperson, Hiroshima Peace Culture Institute

I write today to ask for help from the Association of Asian Studies in the struggle to liberate the human family from the threat of nuclear annihilation. The issue of nuclear weapons may, at first glance, appear beyond the scope of your organization, but I assure you that your organization is not beyond the scope of those weapons.

We stand collectively at a crossroads. Will we eliminate nuclear weapons? Or will we let them spread uncontrolled around the planet? If they spread, they will be used, so we are really deciding in the next year or two whether to eliminate nuclear weapons or use them.

You are teachers, not activists or politicians. If your students go home and tell their parents that you are training them to invade military bases and poor blood on missiles, you could be accused of being too political. On the other hand, you are in a position to affect how your students and our society in general think about nuclear weapons, and ultimately, this is where the struggle will be won or lost.

I would like to suggest three approaches.

Continue reading at A Request for Help from Mayors for Peace (PDF).

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