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What’s missing from American schools’ curricula? Nuclear weapons via Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

By Sara Z. Kutchesfahani This week, students across the United States are heading back to school. While many high schools and universities are still deciding whether classes this semester will happen online, in-person, or in some hybrid combination, one thing is … Continue reading

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Teaching about radiation after Fukushima via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Maxime Polleri, February 26, 2019 At the entrance to the Fukushima Prefectural Centre for Environmental Creation, a friendly hippopotamus-like mascot welcomes visitors while accepting hugs from children. Buzzing with young families, this government-sponsored scientific hub was created to explain the phenomenon … Continue reading

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American students aren’t taught nuclear weapons policy in school. Here’s how to fix that problem via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

Erin ConnollyKate Hewitt “How many countries have nuclear weapons?” we asked. Students shouted out answers: one, seven, 34, all of the countries in the world. “Which countries have nuclear weapons?” We heard responses that included the United States, Japan, Iran, … Continue reading

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Japan Might Be What Equality in Education Looks Like via Atlantic

KAWAMATA, Japan—In many countries, the United States included, students’ economic backgrounds often determine the quality of the education they receive. Richer students tend to go to schools funded by high property taxes, with top-notch facilities and staff that help them succeed. … Continue reading

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Ohio State, Michigan receive funds for nuclear power projects via The Blade

Ohio State University is getting $1.5 million and the University of Michigan is getting $1.4 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to further develop their nuclear power projects. The grants are among nearly $67 million in nuclear energy research, … Continue reading

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Shut down school near nuke plants becomes place to experience renewable energy via The Hankyoreh

As the student began forcefully pedaling the bicycle in the first-floor hallway of the former Hangni branch school of Ilgwang Elementary School in Busan on Apr. 5, the blender went into motion. Nineteen on-looking Ilgwang fourth graders gasped in astonishment. … Continue reading

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 Nuclear essay contest nets students $1,500 apiece via The Post Register

POST REGISTER Two local high school students will receive $1,500 scholarships after winning an essay contest on nuclear science and technology. Each fall the Idaho chapter of the American Nuclear Society puts on the contest. This year’s essays were about … Continue reading

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At Fukushima, the population is in an inextricable situation via CNRS Journal

Partager Four years after the explosion of a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the fate of the victims is far from settled. Researcher Cécile Asanuma-Brice deciphers the policy that encourages these people to resettle into contaminated areas. Residing in Japan … Continue reading

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Escalating Costs for University Nuclear Research via CNN

High costs of research and development tests in nuclear science and technology at universities has led to facility closures and insufficient funding to run experiments. Universities have significantly reduced infrastructure and investment to support experimental research in engineering. One reason … Continue reading

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Enthusiastic response to plans for a nuclear college via The West County

PLANS for a new elite college which could be built in West Somerset – jointly funded by the Government and nuclear industry – have been welcomed. Last week, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills announced plans to support high … Continue reading

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