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Trickle of residents return to Fukushima’s last deserted town via France 24

Tokyo (AFP) – Five former residents of the last remaining uninhabited town near Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant returned on Thursday to live there for the first time since the 2011 disaster. […] A local official told AFP that five people … Continue reading

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Japan Might Be What Equality in Education Looks Like via Atlantic

KAWAMATA, Japan—In many countries, the United States included, students’ economic backgrounds often determine the quality of the education they receive. Richer students tend to go to schools funded by high property taxes, with top-notch facilities and staff that help them succeed. … Continue reading

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Forest fire in the exclusion zone in Fukushima: Why monitoring the radiation dose is not enough for radioprotection (放射線から身を守るためには、空間線量率と汚染の両方を考慮にいれなければなりません) via Fukushima 311 Voices

[…] Meanwhile, surfing on the internet, we have noticed that many people were looking for radiation dose information, and relied on it for radioprotection. 5月6日、浪江町の山林火災の鎮圧のお知らせが出ましたが、5月7日、鎮火のお知らせはまだ出ていません。この間、ネット上での反応を見ると、放射線防護の目的のために多くの方々が空間線量率の情報を検索しておられるのが見受けられました。しかし、空間線量率だけを見ていては、特に今回の火災のような場合には、放射能防護には重要な不備があります。 Since we also received several questions and comments, we have decided to publish additional comments … Continue reading

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‘Japanese govt creates illusion of normality at Fukushima’ via RT

RT: Would you approve of the decision of the Japanese authorities to let people return to their houses in the zone of the Fukushima disaster? Kevin Kamps: It is a very troubling decision, because there is radioactive contamination still throughout … Continue reading

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