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91 bags of radioactive waste swept into rivers via NHK World

Japan’s Environment Ministry says dozens of bags containing radioactive soil were swept into rivers following a powerful typhoon last month. The dangerous waste was produced as a result of the 2011 nuclear disaster. The waste has been stockpiled at temporary … Continue reading

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Typhoon re-releases radioactive contamination from Fukushima via Beyond Nuclear.org

[…] An unknown number of 1-ton waste bags were swept into local waterways, demonstrating the ongoing lackadaisical management of these waste sites. Conflicting reports say as many as 17 bags were claimed by flood waters. At least 11 of these bags came … Continue reading

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Brief Fukushima Prefecture Update via Fairewinds Energy

A Brief Fukushima Prefecture Update At least 14 levees broke in Fukushima […] Fukushima prefecture is very mountainous and largely remote. The radioactive fallout, which spread throughout Japan after the three Fukushima nuclear meltdowns in 2011, is impossible to clean … Continue reading

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Typhoon sweeps bags of Fukushima radioactive waste into river via Beyond Nuclear

Flood waters from typhoon Hagibis inundated a temporary storage site holding bags of radioactive waste from Fukushima. An unknown number of bags were swept into the local Furumichi River that empties into another river that flows to the Pacific Ocean. Officials say … Continue reading

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Radiation Alert: Super Typhoon Hagibis hits Japan Sweeping Away Radioactive Soil & Waste via Demystifying Nuclear Power Blog

Maggie Gundersen, Editor Fukushima Daiichi’s radioactive waste is on the move again as Hagibis, the worst typhoon to hit Japan since 1958, dropped 30” of rain in 24 hours and millions of people were forced to evacuate due to flooding. … Continue reading

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Typhoon rain raises tainted Fukushima plant groundwater to surface via The Japan Times

Heavy rain brought by Typhoon Malakas caused contaminated groundwater to rise to ground level at the radiation-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant Tuesday night, raising fears of tainted water flooding out to the plant’s port area, its operator said. Tokyo … Continue reading

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“Ice wall” around Fukushima nuclear plant melts in 2 places following powerful typhoons via Manilla Bulletin

TOKYO — The frozen soil wall built around the crippled Fukushima No.1 nuclear plant have melted in two places following recent powerful typhoons, local media reported Friday, raising concerns over effect of the approach adopted by the Tokyo Electric Power … Continue reading

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‘Japanese govt creates illusion of normality at Fukushima’ via RT

RT: Would you approve of the decision of the Japanese authorities to let people return to their houses in the zone of the Fukushima disaster? Kevin Kamps: It is a very troubling decision, because there is radioactive contamination still throughout … Continue reading

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Is Fukushima capable of withstanding a super typhoon? via DW

The strongest typhoon of the year is expected to hit Japan this weekend. Of particular concern is the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. But as nuclear expert Michael Maqua tells DW no critical situations are expected. […] The operator of the … Continue reading

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Fukushima to be Hit by Typhoon, Causing Ocean Contamination: Tepco via RIA

MOSCOW, October 4 (RIA Novosti), Ekaterina Blinova – Tepco, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, has revealed that the approaching typhoon could hit the damaged, decommissioned 40-year old nuclear power facility Fukushima No.1, which was severely affected during the earthquake and … Continue reading

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