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Press Release / プレスリリース公開

The press release for the symposium Atomic Age II: Fukushima is now available via the links below. 『アトミック・エイジII: 福島』のプレスリリースが公開されました。以下のリンクからご覧下さい。 English 日本語

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当シンポジウムに参加される学生・フリーランス研究者・活動家・運動家は、300USドルを上限とする渡航費援助をうけることができます。 ・申し込み期限は2012年4月9日となります。 ・この渡航費援助は、かかった費用にたいして事後的に支払われるものです。 ・渡航費以外の目的で、利用することはできません。 ・学生・フリーランス研究者・活動家・運動家以外の申し込みは無効です。 ・渡航費援助を受けた方は、シンポジウム参加後に1ページ程度のご感想をお書きいただくことになります。これは、当ブログにて公表される可能性があります。 以下のリンクから申し込みフォームに行き、詳細をご覧になったうえで、お申し込み下さい。 なお、このフォームは日本語に対応しております。以下の英日対応表をご参照ください。 申し込みフォーム Name (First, Last) – お名前 (名, 姓) student – 学生 independent scholar – フリーランス研究者 activist – 活動家・運動家 Other – その他 (空欄に具体的にお書き下さい) Affiliation (if any) – 所属(所属なしの場合は空欄のままで結構です) Street Address – 住所の、市町村名につづく部分(番地含む) Address … Continue reading

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Atomic Age Scholarship to students, independent scholars, & activists!

The organizers of Atomic Age II: Fukushima are pleased to offer 10 scholarships of up to $300 each to assist those who wish to travel to Chicago to attend the symposium. Please note that students, independent scholars, and activists are … Continue reading

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Protests rise over Kudankulam; scientists’ entry prevented via The Hindu

Stepping up their protest against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, agitators on Thursday staged a roadblock in front of the plant site, preventing entry of scientists and workers into the complex. The protest hitherto confined to fast took a new … Continue reading

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Childhood Cancer No Higher in Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants, Swiss Study Suggests via Science Daily

ScienceDaily (July 12, 2011) — A large nationwide longitudinal study found no evidence of an increased risk of cancer in children born near nuclear power plants in Switzerland. The CANUPIS study was performed by the Institute of Social and Preventive … Continue reading

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Panel Discussion: After Fukushima at the University of Chicago

After the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident, how should the United States provide leadership on improving both nuclear security and nuclear safety standards? What are the best options for limiting the proliferation, safety, and security risks associated with the spread of … Continue reading

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Tohoku, Tokyo residents lash out at Diet backbiting via The Japan Times

Tohoku locals and Tokyoites reacted with relief Thursday after Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s Cabinet survived a no-confidence vote, averting a political vacuum for now, but criticized opposition parties for submitting the motion and the Democratic Party of Japan lawmakers who … Continue reading

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『原子力産業と被ばく者の歴史相関図(1920〜2011)』 on 「僕と核」2011

原子力産業と被ばく者の歴史相関図(1920〜2011) 「僕と核」

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The Nuclear Disaster That Could Destroy Japan – On the danger of a killer earthquake in the Japanese Archipelago via Japan Focus

Hirose Takashi Translated and with an introduction by C. Douglas Lummis Translator’s note (Nuclear) Power Corrupts A puzzle for our time: how is it possible for a person to be smart enough to make plutonium, and dumb enough actually to … Continue reading

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