“Maryland Nuclear Plant Workers Monitor Japanese Crisis With Great Interest” via the Wall Street Journal

LUSBY, Md.—The televisions in the two cafeterias of the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant are tuned to Fox News and CNN. The fate of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant is of intense interest to the 880 people who work five shifts here.

Behind the gates and security checkpoints, workers express sadness for their counterparts in Japan and a determination to use the disaster to better prepare for a worse-case scenario. Training and procedures are the common refrain. The White House is 54 miles away.

Unspoken is the reality of what will happen to the Japanese workers who stayed behind to contain the crisis. Two Fukushima workers were hospitalized Thursday after being exposed to harmful radiation. All the employees at the plant here understand the power and potential danger of nuclear energy without having to dwell on the risks.

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