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Why we should oppose nuclear power via Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Last Wednesday, Boris Johnson announced £525 million support for new nuclear power. In the coming weeks, he is expected to decide whether to approve a major new nuclear power station at Sizewell in Suffolk. In this guest blog, CND Vice-President … Continue reading

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NFLA alarmed by the planned dumping of over 1 million tonnes of radioactively contaminated water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean – the Japanese Government needs to urgently reconsider this strategy via Nuclear Free Local Authorities (Councils Working for a Renewable, Safe, and Peaceful Future)

19th October 2020 […] The NFLA has asked independent marine radioactivity consultant Tim Deere-Jones for his analysis on this proposed decision, given his extensive analysis on the marine issues around the Fukushima disaster. (2) It also draws on the expert … Continue reading

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Nuclear-Free Local Authorities say Scottish nuclear facilities are vulnerable to terrorist attack via The Herald Scotland

UK authorities are underestimating the risks of devastating terrorist attacks on nuclear plants and shipments of radioactive material, according to an expert report seen by the Sunday Herald. A new analysis for the 40-strong group of Nuclear-Free Local Authorities (NFLA) … Continue reading

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Fukushima: thousands have died, thousands more will die via The Ecologist

By Ian Fairlie […] Mental health consequences It is necessary to include the mental health consequences of radiation exposures and evacuations. For example, Becky Martin has stated her PhD research at Southampton University in the UK shows that “the most … Continue reading

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NUKES vs GLOBAL WARMING vs RENEWABLE ENERGY as we investigate how King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes & Gas) is doing its best to subvert our Solartopian future. DAVE KRAFT of Chicago’s Nuclear Energy Information Service joins CINDY FOLKERS and KEVIN … Continue reading

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Nuclear power stations cause childhood leukemia – and here’s the proof via The Ecologist

The core issue is that, world-wide, over 60 epidemiological studies have examined cancer incidences in children near nuclear power plants (NPPs): most (>70%) indicate leukemia increases. I can think of no other area of toxicology (eg asbestos, lead, smoking) with … Continue reading

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Symposium: The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident l March 11-12, 2013 via The Helen Caldicott Foundation and Physicians for Social Responsibililty

The New York Academy of Medicine, New York City, NY A unique, two-day symposium at which an international panel of leading medical and biological scientists, nuclear engineers, and policy experts will make presentations on and discuss the bio-medical and ecological … Continue reading

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