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Kansai Electric to halt 2 reactors after missing antiterror deadline via The Mainichi

OSAKA (Kyodo) — Kansai Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it will suspend operations at two nuclear reactors after missing the industry regulator’s deadline to build counterterrorism facilities. […] The Nuclear Regulation Authority had told Kansai Electric it must suspend operations … Continue reading

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60,000 tons of dangerous radioactive waste sits on Great Lakes shores via The Detroit Free Press

By Keith Matheny […] “It’s actually the most dangerous waste produced by any industry in the history of the Earth,” said Gordon Edwards, president of the nonprofit Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. The spent nuclear fuel is partly from 15 … Continue reading

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The San Onofre nuclear plant is a ‘Fukushima waiting to happen’ via Los Angeles Times

By Steve Chappell Southern California Edison is keeping 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant in San Clemente. The waste poses a significant threat to the health, safety and economic vitality of the … Continue reading

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Japan to check background of nuclear workers to prevent terrorism via Japan Today

TOKYO — Japan’s nuclear watchdog has decided to make operators of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities check the background of their workers to prevent terror attacks. Following the recommendation of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Nuclear Regulation … Continue reading

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Nuclear-Free Local Authorities say Scottish nuclear facilities are vulnerable to terrorist attack via The Herald Scotland

UK authorities are underestimating the risks of devastating terrorist attacks on nuclear plants and shipments of radioactive material, according to an expert report seen by the Sunday Herald. A new analysis for the 40-strong group of Nuclear-Free Local Authorities (NFLA) … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Plants: Pre-Deployed WMDs via CounterPunch

By Karl Grossman Pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction. That’s what nuclear power plants are. And that’s another very big reason—demonstrated again in recent days with the disclosure that two of the Brussels terrorists were planning attacks on Belgian nuclear plants—why … Continue reading

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Belgium fears nuclear plants are vulnerable via The New York Times

BRUSSELS — As a dragnet aimed at Islamic State operatives spiraled across Brussels and into at least five European countries on Friday, the authorities were also focusing on a narrower but increasingly alarming threat: the vulnerability of Belgium’s nuclear installations. … Continue reading

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Paris, Nuclear Weapons, and Suicide Bombing via Huffington Post

France’s 300 nuclear weapons were useless to protect them from the horrendous suicide bomb attacks in Paris on Nov. 13, 2015. And if France ever uses those weapons to attack another country’s cities and industrial areas, France itself will become … Continue reading

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Nuclear Reactors Make ISIS an Apocalyptic Threat via Reader Supported News

By Harvey Wasserman s you read this, a terror attack has put atomic reactors in Ukraine at the brink of another Chernobyl-scale apocalypse. Transmission lines have been blown up. Power to at least two major nuclear power stations has been … Continue reading

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South African who attacked a nuclear plant is a hero to his government and fellow citizens via The Center for Public Integrity

Wilkinson planted four bombs that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the Koeberg nuclear power plant north of Capetown in December 1982, in what is arguably one of the most ambitious and successful terror attacks against a … Continue reading

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