Paris, Nuclear Weapons, and Suicide Bombing via Huffington Post

France’s 300 nuclear weapons were useless to protect them from the horrendous suicide bomb attacks in Paris on Nov. 13, 2015. And if France ever uses those weapons to attack another country’s cities and industrial areas, France itself will become a suicide bomber. Mutually assured destruction gave way to self-assured destruction years ago when we discovered that, even if a country launches a successful nuclear strike against their enemy, the resulting nuclear winter could kill billions more around the world, including the attacking country’s own citizens. The climate effects of the smoke generated from fires from those attacks would last for more than a decade, plunging our planet into such cold temperatures that agricultural production would be halted or severely reduced, producing famine in France and the rest of the world.

It is imperative for France and the rest of the world to get rid of their nuclear arsenals. They cannot be used without endangering the attacker. The threat of their use by any nation is ludicrous and cannot be taken seriously. They do not provide a deterrent. Not only do nuclear weapons not deter terrorists, they do not deter nations from attacking. Just think of the attack on the UK by Argentina (Falkland Islands War), on Israel (Six Day War), and the invasion of Eastern Europe after World War II.

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