Yes, I glow in the dark! via Beyond Nuclear International

By Karl Grossman


“CLOSE ALL YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS AND STAY AWAY FROM THEM. STAY INSIDE AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOMES UNLESS IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY,” begins the book’s introduction, referring to what people in the area were told in 1979 when TMI went wild.


Ms. HaLevy notes how there is “a big difference between the health impacts of internal and external radiation exposure. The nuclear industry relies on external exposure models for the assurances of ‘no danger,’ but this doesn’t address the problem of ionizing radiation from nuclear facilities, uranium mining, or any other source getting into our food and/or water and, from there, inside our bodies. In the ocean, radiation gets taken up by plankton and seaweed, which are eaten by small fish, which are eaten by larger fish, on up the food chain into the species we humans eat, with the radiation dose bioaccumulating every step of the way.”

Consider how Ms. HaLevy clearly explains the cumulative effects of radiation. “All radiation exposure is cumulative,’ she relates. “That means that though the nuclear industry and government downplay radiation releases and contamination risks as ‘small,’ ‘insignificant,’ and ‘not a danger to human health,’ every exposure contributes to an accumulating risk that can, indeed, prove ‘significant’ to one’s health.”

Or, as she notes, “no insurance company will indemnify you from damages resulting from a nuclear anything. The nuclear industry isn’t dumb; they knew an unwilling game when they saw one and opted out early. Check the nuclear clause in your homeowner’s insurance policy.”


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