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Fearing blackouts, Kyushu Electric asks solar power generators to suspend generation via Japan Times

Kyushu Electric Power Co. on Saturday asked solar power operators in its service area to suspend the generation of electricity to prevent oversupply and potential large-scale blackouts.

It’s the first request of its kind in Japan in an area other than remote islands.

Solar power was projected to surge during sunny weather in Kyushu on Saturday and electricity use was expected to fall sharply amid receding demand for air conditioning and reduced operations at factories over the weekend.

A disruption in the supply-demand balance could result in massive blackouts.

A prefecture-wide power outage hit Hokkaido last month after Hokkaido Electric Power Co. lost a key power plant during a major quake, sending supply falling sharply below demand.



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  1. nfield says

    What’s wrong with this picture? Doesn’t it hint at a disingenuous obstruction of the development of solar power in the interest of nuclear? This shows us one way the Hokkaido blackout will be used.

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