IAEA suggests Japanese government to amend nuclear safety law via Lawyer Herald

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Friday last week that the Japanese regulatory body for nuclear and radiation safety should strengthen staff compentency and increase technical equipment at nuclear power plants in the country.[…]
The IAEA said in a statement that the Japan’s NRA should work to attract competent and experienced staff, and enhance staff skills relevant to nuclear and radiation safety through education, training, research and enhanced international cooperation.

The agency also urged Japan government to amend its nuclear safety law to allow the authority to perform more effective inspections of nuclear and radiation facilities.

Inspection leader Philippe Jamet, said Japan’s inflexible inspection rules do not allow inspectors to move freely at nuclear facilities or respond quickly when there is a problem. Jamet said at a news conference that the team found the system regulating, defining the framework of inspection as very complex and very rigid.

The IAEA also recommended the NRA and nuclear licenses to continue strengthening the promotion of safety culture by fostering a questioning attitude, according to World Nuclear News.

NRA’s chairman Shunichi Tanaka said that the authority will seriously consider the IAEA findings to further enhance nuclear safety and security in Japan.

The IAEA’s final report will be delivered to the Japanese government in about three months. A review on progress in implementing the IAEA’s suggestions and recommendations will be carried out within the next four years.

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