Jeremy Corbyn on scrapping Trident: I want Britain to bring about a nuclear-free world via The Telegraph

Jeremy Corbyn has said Britain should be part of a “nuclear-free world” and suggested that he is prepared to speak at an anti-Trident CND rally.
Mr Corbyn said that he wanted ordinary people to have just as much say in his party’s stance on renewing the nuclear deterrent as his shadow cabinet.
During an interview with the BBC’s Today programme, in which he also also refused to say he would authorise a drone strike on Isil terrorists, “Couldn’t Britain play a part in bringing about a nuclear-free world?
“Let’s get the discussion and debate out there. I want members to have a big say in it. Whether that comes as a vote of individual members, or a vote at conference, that will be decided. I have not made up my mind on that.
“My whole election programme was based on the need for ordinary people to be able to participate much more in politics, so that leaders don’t go away and write policy, so that executive groups don’t go off and decide what the policy is, ordinary people do.”
Any move to hand policy decision-making powers to Labour’s National Executive Committee or to individual members would likely anger shadow ministers who have already threatened to resign if they are forced to reject the deterrent.

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