Holtec President says HI-STORM dry storage casks can last 300 years via enformable

Holtec International President Kris Singh told the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel on Friday that the HI-STORM (Holtec International Storage Module) spent nuclear fuel storage casks constructed by his company can withstand cold weather and even being flooded.

Singh asserted that the HI-STORM casks were the best and safest in the world and claimed that each cask would last 300 years — even though the longest a HI-STORM cask has been used in the field is only 15 years.

Each cask is constructed out of stainless steel and high-density concrete. One of the features of the casks is that they don’t have welds, which are prone to leaking. They are designed to withstand high-impact crashes, high temperatures and bullets.

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