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Nuclear bomb factory AWE has been urged to be less secretive and open up some of its meetings to the public.

The organisation hosts a regular Local Liaison Committee (LLC) consisting of representatives of local councils.

But members of Reading Borough Council have said campaign groups should be allowed on the committee and anyone should be able to attend the meetings.

Speaking at a meeting of the council’s strategic environment, planning and transport (SEPT) committee, Councillor Chris Maskell, said: “I have read some of the minutes of that committee and it reminded me of a works council whereby a manager would decide who sits on them, sets the agenda, chairs the meeting and invites various people who he thinks are a safe pair of hands and nothing comes out of it but it ticks the box.

“For me it really doesn’t represent anyone except the AWE and I think its important we get local groups with an interest and understanding of what goes on involved.”

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