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NT nuclear waste dump could ‘close the gap’ for Aboriginal people: Bob Hawke via abc news

The storage of nuclear waste in the Northern Territory would help “close the gap” for Aboriginal people, creating financial opportunities, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke says.

And he told the Garma Festival in north-east Arnhem Land last night that NT Chief Minister Adam Giles was “keenly supportive” of his proposal.

In an address, Mr Hawke repeated his long-held belief nuclear generated power was essential for tackling climate change – and Australia had “a responsibility and an obligation” to take nuclear waste by-product.

Mr Hawke said a report he commissioned during the later stages of his prime ministership found the “safest remote geological formations for this purpose… were in the Northern Territory and to some extent in Western Australia”.

“In creating a safer energy cycle in a world facing a threat of global warming, we would not only be doing good for the rest of the world, we would be doing enormously well for Australia, as the world would pay handsomely for this service,” Mr Hawke said.

“And we would do particularly well for Aboriginal Australians.”

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