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Australia’s Least Likely Tourist Spot: A Test Site for Atom Bombs via the New York Times

[…] “Yes, there is still radiation here,” Mr. Matthews said as he drove a minibus to the sites where the Australian and British governments dropped seven bombs between 1956 and 1963, which dotted the earth with huge craters and poisoned … Continue reading

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British scientists tested dead Australians for nuclear radiation via Australian Times.co.uk

Startling evidence that British scientists secretly tested up to 21,830 dead young Australians, without the knowledge of their parents, for radiation contamination following nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s. […] The author of Maralinga, Frank Walker, laid his hands on … Continue reading

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Former Japanese Prime Minister visits Mirarr country to discuss shared nuclear concerns via Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation

In October 2011 the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office (ASNO) confirmed the Fukushima nuclear crisis was directly fuelled by uranium from Australia. At the time Mirarr senior traditional owner Yvonne Margarula wrote to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon expressing … Continue reading

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Kakadu Traditional Owners Welcome Muckaty Waste Dump Win via Gundjeihmi Aborigal Corporation

The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation welcomes the Northern Land Council’s announcement to withdraw the nomination for a radioactive waste dump at Muckaty in the Northern Territory. The Mirarr people are celebrating this significant win for the Traditional Owners of Muckaty and … Continue reading

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NT nuclear waste dump could ‘close the gap’ for Aboriginal people: Bob Hawke via abc news

The storage of nuclear waste in the Northern Territory would help “close the gap” for Aboriginal people, creating financial opportunities, former Prime Minister Bob Hawke says. And he told the Garma Festival in north-east Arnhem Land last night that NT … Continue reading

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