Worker ‘not injured’ after slipping on toxic spill via abc news

The operator of the Northern Territory’s Ranger uranium mine says a worker who slipped over on a toxic spill last week was not injured.

The Manufacturing Workers Union on Friday told the ABC that a man was given first aid treatment after falling up to his armpits into a slurry of acid and uranium.

But Energy Resources of Australia chief executive Andrea Sutton denies a man fell into slurry up to his armpits.

“We had an individual working that slipped over in the slurry material dropping to their hands and knees,” Ms Sutton said.

“The material was promptly washed off as per the site hygiene procedures and the material itself poses no serious threat to those working in the clean-up.”

The union told the ABC a worker was injured on Friday and had refused to return to work.

ERA says the person who slipped over did so on Tuesday, and did return to work.

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