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Russia’s Decommissioned Nuclear Bombs Provide 10% of U.S. Electricity via Discover

For the last two decades, the United States has been drawing about a tenth of its electrical power from an unlikely source: the uranium from 20,000 decommissioned Russian nuclear bombs. But today marks the end of this energy exchange era. … Continue reading

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Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says via Reuters

(Reuters) – Japan should embrace nuclear power as an “important and fundamental” energy source, a government panel said on Friday, in advice that looks almost certain to be accepted, despite widespread anti-nuclear feeling after the Fukushima disaster. Prime Minister Shinzo … Continue reading

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放射性汚染水が大量流出=世界遺産内のウラン鉱山で-豪 via 時事ドットコム

【シドニー時事】オーストラリア北部準州のウラン鉱山「レンジャー」で7日、ウラン鉱や泥水をためたタンクが破損し、100万リットルを超える放射性汚 染水が流出した。事態を重くみた豪政府は10日までに、安全性が確認されるまで操業を停止するよう鉱山の運営会社に命じた。 鉱山は、先住民アボリジニが描いた壁画が残り、世界遺産にも登録されているカカドゥ国立公園内にある。 続きは放射性汚染水が大量流出=世界遺産内のウラン鉱山で-豪 当サイト既出関連記事:Spill of contaminated material at Ranger uranium mine; locals fear for Kakadu National Park via 7 News

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DOE to support another modular reactor project via Knoxblogs.com

The Department of Energy today announced an award to NuScale Power LLC to support efforts to design, certify and help commercialize innovative small modular reactors. The award was made as part of a funding opportunity announced back in March the … Continue reading

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Feds adopt plans for disposing of Hanford nuclear waste via King5.com

SPOKANE, Wash. — The U.S. Department of Energy intends to retrieve nearly all the highly radioactive waste stored in underground tanks on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and convert it into a glass-like substance for permanent disposal, according to a decision … Continue reading

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