DOE to support another modular reactor project via

The Department of Energy today announced an award to NuScale Power LLC to support efforts to design, certify and help commercialize innovative small modular reactors. The award was made as part of a funding opportunity announced back in March the exact amount of award has not been determined.

“Through a five-year cost-share agreement, the Energy Department will invest up to half of the total project cost, with the project’s industry partners matching this investment by at least one-to-one,” DOE said in the announcement. “The specific total will be negotiated between the Energy Department and NuScale and will be derived from the total $452 million identified for the Department’s Small Modular Reactor Licensing Technical Support program.”

In a statement released by the agency, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said, “Small modular reactors represent a new generation of safe, reliable, low-carbon nuclear energy technology and provide a strong opportunity for America to lead this emerging global industry. The Energy Department is committed to strengthening nuclear energy’s continuing important role in America’s low carbon future, and new technologies like small modular reactors will help ensure our continued leadership in the safe, secure and efficient use of nuclear power worldwide.”

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