Stop India-Japan Nuclear Agreement: An International Appeal via

Stop India-Japan Nuclear Agreement, Stop Nuclear Export Policy

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens of the world and we write this in support of the people in India and Japan.

We stand in complete opposition to the India-Japan nuclear cooperation agreement that is currently under intense negotiation. The governments of both countries must refrain from promoting nuclear commerce, jeopardising the health and safety of their people and environments.

The Fukushima accident in Japan should provide an eye-opener to the Indian government and it must realise that cooperation in/supply of nuclear technology comes with insurmountable safety risks. Nuclear accidents result in totally unacceptable damages to people and the environment. Even more than two years after the accident in Fukushima the reactors are far from being under control and massive radioactive releases have contaminated the ground, air and water, contaminations that coming generations will have to endure even after it has taken its toll on the current generation. The criminal nexus of the nuclear Industry and policy makers now stands exposed.






日本における福島原子力発電所事故はインド政府にとって驚愕の惨事であり、原子力技術の協力や供与には、人間の力では克服できないリスクがともなう ことに気づくべきです。原子力事故は人間と環境に、取り返しのつかない被害を与えます。福島事故から2年以上たった今でさえ、原発は制御と言うにはほど遠 い状態にあります。膨大な量の放射性物質が土壌、大気、水を汚染し、今の世代への被害だけでなく、これから何世代にもわたってこの汚染に苦しむことになる のです。原子力産業と政界との癒着はすでに暴露され、批判の対象となっています。

続きはStop India-Japan Nuclear Agreement: An International Appeal

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