Expand health survey beyond Fukushima: U.N. via The Japan Times

GENEVA – Japan’s health survey on the effects of the March 2011 nuclear crisis should be expanded to include areas outside Fukushima Prefecture, a U.N. expert said.

The health management survey should be provided to residents in all affected areas by radiation exposure higher than 1 millisievert per year, Anand Grover, the U.N. special rapporteur on health, said in a report.

The report disputed the Japanese government’s decision to allow business activities to resume in areas with an exposure of 20 millisieverts or less per year.

“Evacuees should be recommended to return only when the radiation dose has been reduced as far as possible and to levels below 1 millisievert per year,” the report said.


Atomic plan suspense


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won’t clarify his plan to reactivate nuclear power plants until it appears in the growth strategy to be released in mid-June just before the Upper House election in July, sources familiar with the matter said.

The draft energy policy states that steps will be taken to restart reactors deemed safe by the Nuclear Regulation Authority, the sources said Saturday.

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